I had the two above prints (Interstates as Subway Diagram: 2011 by Cameron Booth, and Vintage Pyrex Poster by Pocono Modern) framed. I splurged and had it done by a frame shop rather than just buying frames on my own… I’m pleased with the state & condition of my living quarters (thanks in part to UfYH) and I decided I wanted to reward that. So. Framed. Great. 


The Pyrex print was supposed to have matte-finish glass in the frame (just like the highway print); it does not have matte-finish glass. Since both the poster finish and the glass finish are shiny, the glare is remarkable. I anticipated this, which is why I asked for matte-finish glass. Grr.

The highway print DOES have matte glass like I asked for, but it also has two hairs trapped inside the frame between the glass and the print. GROSS.

I’m totally annoyed b/c I wanted to have them done & hung by Tuesday, and I’m worried if I take them back to have the problems fixed (which I’ll do in the long run anyway, because: UGH) I won’t have them back by Tuesday. 

Just…. ugh ugh ugh. First, what a pain in the ass to have to haul the shit back to the frame shop, leave them there to have them fixed, and then go back AGAIN to pick them up. SECOND, hairs? Stuck in the frame? REALLY? Just unbelievable that they’d let it leave the shop in that condition in the first place. 

I know I should have perhaps noticed the issues before I made it all the way home with them, but … ARGH.

Just… :::flails:::