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Cut ups, mash-ups, circuit bending, tape-mangling and, oh yeah, the Dr. Who theme.

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One of the true innovators of electronic music. And yes, she’s the person who “realised” (arranged, performed) the Doctor Who theme.

From wikipedia: “In August 1962 she assisted composer Luciano Berio at a two-week summer school at Dartington Hall, for which she borrowed several dozen items of equipment from the BBC. One of her first works, and the most widely known, was her 1963 electronic realization of a score by Ron Grainer for the theme tune of the Doctor Who series, one of the first television themes to be created and produced by entirely electronic means.”


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Millions (and millions) of mayflies hatched in Wisconsin and Minnesota caught on radar. Via BoingBoing

OMG these fuckers. I experienced swarms of them in Sandusky Ohio in July once and it was truly awful. This looks orders of magnitude worse, and what I drove thru was bad.

Ick ick ick.

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Apparently in the middle of the night we get these huge black spiders. The kind you frantically beat to death while alternately shrieking & whimpering… or maybe that’s just me? Either way, it’s after 4am, I’m up feeding Little Dude, and I’ve seen two of them. Both were out of reach, and besides, it’s the wrong time/circumstances to freak out like a cartoon elephant encountering a mouse. I’m going to try to hold out until Husband wakes up, but I might have to wake him. Just… my *entire* skin is crawling. I hate them so much. Does anyone have any tips on how to deter them from hanging out in my apartment??

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Dude, YouTube is an EXCELLENT baby wrangling resource. So far I’ve used it for: 

  • Looping episodes of Boohbah, since this show is not apparently available on any streaming service? 
  • Hours of classical music for background noise
  • Documentaries about container ships aired on various BBC channels and not available streaming
  • Various other BBC/NatGeo documentary shows

Currently I’m running a ~2hr vid that consists entirely of ambient nature noises - babbling brook + birdsong, etc. Baby went from squirmy/cranky to sleeping peacefully in under 5 minutes.  

Personally, the classical music thing is about my favorite, and here’s why: all of the products created specifically for babies don’t use *actual* classical music. Example: the Baby Einstein bouncy chair has a sound unit that plays snippets of fairly famous classical pieces, except… 1) only snippets, and they repeat on a loop, which is crazy-making; 2) they’re all played by that weird calliope/music box tinkly shit that’s supposed to be “for babies.” Like, ok, maybe you don’t want to start with the harder/more esoteric stuff in your CD collection, but there is NO REASON why a baby can’t listen to an actual orchestra? It’s good for them. 

As far as the ambient sounds/white noise is concerned, YouTube is great. I’m using it now because I’ve got Little Dude set up to chill in the living room for a while, and since I can run YouTube on our TV it means I don’t have to leave a phone in the sleeper to run a white noise app. This brings me to my other point: white noise apps. If you have an old smartphone, maybe leftover from an upgrade that you never traded in for example, link it up to your WiFi and drop it into airplane mode (for maximum battery efficiency), then download one of about a grillion free white noise apps for babies and set it in the crib/sleeper with the kid. If you’ve got the tools on hand this is cheaper than buying a dedicated white noise device, and you have finer control over the volume and variety of noise (e.g., ocean sounds, heartbeat, a/c unit, classical music, car ride, etc). The one I’ve been using has a timer function, too. You can also - if you want to get REALLY fancy - download a sound meter app to your own phone (not the white noise phone) that measures decibel levels. Start up your white noise app on the ‘dead’ phone, then place the decibel meter near baby’s head to see how loud the noise is for him. 

(I was a little concerned about constant, droning, overly loud noises for my kid… can you tell? All I know is that when white noise is over a certain volume it feels like physical pressure in my brain, and I didn’t want to cause the same sort of discomfort for Little Dude. YMMV.)

Maybe this is all common knowledge, but I didn’t stumble upon it until I started browsing the Play Store for baby-related apps. Also, I didn’t even consider the need for white noise prior to bringing Little Dude home, so… yeah. 

Anyway, YouTube. Excellent resource. Consider it.


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Great Smoky Mountains NP


Great Smoky Mountains NP


"heh heh heh"


Literally what I heard in my head when I scrolled down over this post.

Any time The Final Countdown starts playing on the radio or on my iTunes I have to restrain myself from bursting out laughing in a public place. Does this happen to you?
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Who doesn’t?

Often I just look around to see if someone, anyone, is as amused as I am. 

No one ever is.

I am having a really hard time not buying shoes right now. 


Shooting Salade Ladurée

I dunno, man. Laduree’s blog has taken a turn for the lame, maybe? This is the third day they’ve posted pictures of pictures of salad. WAT.



ahh yes my favorite time of year

I especially love the heartwarming tv specials about discovering the true meaning of shitscram


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